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Founding Story

Blue Garnet brings out the exceptional in clients

Our Founders

Jennifer Li Shen and Way-Ting Chen

Friends at Swarthmore College, co-founders Jennifer Li Shen and Way-Ting Chen shared a dream of applying their training in business management to spur social change. Individually, they gained experience working for top-tier business management consulting firms, Boston Consulting Group and Booz & Company, respectively. In 2002, they joined forces to start Blue Garnet, an expression of their original dream.

A nod to their shared alma mater, Jenni and Way-Ting named the firm after the rarest of garnet stones—the blue garnet—a symbol of honesty, loyalty and true friendship.

Read more about it in this Swarthmore College profile, “Hearts of Garnet.

Jennifer Li Shen and Way-Ting Chen, Co-Founders of Blue Garnet, in elegant black sleeveless dresses. They are looking at each other and smiling, surrounded by trees and greenery