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You live by values, promote relationships, and make intentional, prudent investments in leaders and their organizational efforts…all to create lasting social change.  In our decades of experience with family foundations to institutional ones, our keen community-mindedness and technical expertise mean we offer unique insights to you and your team.

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Blue Garnet is deeply committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. We were founded on the explicit desire to tackle complex social and racial justice issues from a long-term systems view, and the belief that to do so requires a strengths-based, inclusive approach to problem-solving.

Our HALO Award Story

Way-Ting Chen reflects on yearslong partnership

As the longtime technical assistance provider and evaluation & learning partner to the Carl & Roberta Deutsch Foundation’s HALO Award program, Way-Ting had a chance to recently reflect on the experience. As part of the HALO Award Stories project—which engaged dozens of grantee organizations, their leaders, and their volunteers—Way-Ting shared how “HALO means impact.”


California Community Foundation
The Fieldstone Foundation
First 5 Los Angeles
James Gogian Foundation
The James Irvine Foundation
LA84 Foundation
Nonprofit Sustainability Initiative (NSI)
Southern California Grantmakers