Blue Garnet’s New Look & Feel

Ten years ago, Way-Ting and I started Blue Garnet almost as an experiment, to see if it really was possible to apply our skills and experience in strategy and management consulting to our passion for social impact, in a manner that was both impactful and sustainable. This year, now that the firm is ten, we thought it was appropriate for a company “birthday gift,” in the form of investments to refresh our messaging and branding, inside and out. Our messaging and materials conveyed more of a conservative look and feel during our first decade, but moving forward, we wanted to make sure we kept things simple while reflecting more of our unique personality.

Since the middle of this year, we have been working on this project with Hairpin Communications, a group that “builds brands for world-changers, do-gooders, and hell-raisers.” Through their support, we have successfully refreshed our logo, simplified our messaging, developed an infographic video that articulates our approach, developed new collateral, and re-launched our website.

We have spent some considerable time on this work, and it will continue to be something we continue to expand and improve upon. We will be updating this blog to share both news updates and to express our own thoughts and takes, and are looking forward to some exciting new pieces and resources we have planned. So spend some time on our website, take a look around, see what we’ve been up to, follow us on Twitter @hellobluegarnet, and let us know what you think of our new look and site.

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