Our Worldview

We believe that achieving lasting social impact requires an effort that extends beyond any one individual. High performing organizations harness the power of individuals to perform collectively to realize impact.

Blue Garnet engages impact-driven organizations in the discipline of strategic thinking to focus on what matters most, so that they deliver lasting social change.

Our worldview centers on what it takes to build high performing organizations:

Organizational Clarity

Shared vision for where the organization is going, how to get there and course correct, and means of determining progress and achievement

Shared Leadership

Working cohesively to develop and implement strategies and decisions by leveraging strengths of organization, team and individuals

Healthy Economics

Data-driven decisions to manage and generate resources that meet present needs without compromising the future – an ongoing journey to thrive

Accountability for Results

Confidently knowing the impact you have had and can claim; being answerable for performance through continuous learning & improvement


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