Mission, Vision, Values

Blue Garnet is a strategy and management firm for social change organizations seeking to translate vision to reality and go from good enough to truly great. We pursue a triple bottom line: social impact, financial sustainability and environmental prosperity. We work exclusively with social change organizations to create lasting social impact in Southern California. We are idealists doggedly supporting nonprofits, foundations and corporations to take a long-term view in solving complex social problems.

The Mission that Guides Us

Our mission is to work with organizations to create lasting change by harnessing the combined power of business acumen and social impact.

Our Vision for Impact

By 2022, 200 impact-driven organizations will have expanded their ability to create a better Southern California.

Values That Drive Us

  • Collaborative Learning
  • Inquiry for Results
  • Integrity
  • Unyielding Commitment
  • Meaningful Balance

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We partner with clients to bring insight and new perspectives to their work through:

  • Unyielding commitment and enthusiastic dedication to creating lasting social change
  • Rigorous, analytical and collaborative approach toward problem solving
  • Wide range of experiences working hand-in-hand with clients and stakeholders at all levels - e.g. CEOs, funders, line staff, board directors, community members

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