What Drives Us

A passion to change the world for the better fuels social organizations from their start. This passion drives them to grow and succeed. But they reach a point when passion is not enough. Challenges emerge. They struggle and plateau -- in terms of money raised, members recruited and, most importantly, impact measured.

That’s where we come in. Blue Garnet works for social change organizations that, facing the proverbial fork in the road, choose great impact over good enough.

For those who seek the exceptional, Blue Garnet is the rare management firm that offers exactly that. We create structure around ambiguity. We value process while delivering analytical rigor. We consider implementation as much as we do strategy. We ground visionary goals with financial rigor, as we free clients to dream big.

We make strategy real.

What makes us different

In our work with clients, we blend social mindedness with the same rigor and standards for excellence practiced by top tier management consulting firms. By fusing these two elements, we form a rare company that is ready to tackle the social sector’s most pressing issues. Click here to read more about our mission, vision and values.

We specialize in working with organizations that pursue a triple bottom line, supporting their vision of creating lasting social impact through social entrepreneurship and innovation. Often, Blue Garnet serves as a catalyst to organizations that seek to reach a greater level of impact. To do so, we have built a small, highly qualified team of professionals striving to support our clients as they increase their impact, effectiveness and efficiency.

We add value to our clients through:

  • Creating structure around ambiguity
  • Insight and analytical rigor
  • Client and stakeholder engagement
  • Specialization with enterprising nonprofits

If you’re ready to do the hard work to take your organization to the next level, let’s talk to see how we how we can partner to create a better Southern California.