Our Team

Jen Oki

Business Manager

For the last ten years, Jen has served as business manager at Blue Garnet.  Though her main focus is on accounting, overtime and tapping into her “Restorative” strength, her role slowly evolved into managing the back-office and supporting the Partners in “running the business.”  Jen gets things done with diligence and perseverance and is a big part of making Blue Garnet run effectively and smoothly.

Jen is the owner of Genuine Bookkeeping and More, and serves a range of clients from small business, nonprofits and family offices.  She offers a comprehensive accounting services and full charge bookkeeping.  Asked why she is so excellent at what she does, Jen shares, “We love what we do. Our effort to serve is more than just keeping track of income and expenses. We become a part of our clients’ family.” At Blue Garnet, we can attest to this truth.  

Get to know Jen

Top five strengths: Restorative, Arranger, Responsibility, Learner, Achiever

What’s your “fun fact”?
I grew up in Malaysia and worked as a flight attendant.

How do you relieve stress?
I practice yoga and love to hike.