Rethinking Strategic Planning

Blue Garnet defines typical planning differently…our goal is to make strategy real.

We instill and foster the discipline of strategic thinking in our clients to help them focus on what matters most, to manage pefromance and to learn from their results.

Typical “strategic planning” is often criticized as an one-off blue-sky exercise that “sits on a shelf”.

Blue Garnet grounds Vision & Strategy with a strategic direction that also serves as an evaluation framework. Measuring impact is thereby integrated into strategy and an organizational dashboard. Furthermore, desired social impact is then built into a multi-year business model pro forma, thereby tying “strategy” with financial sustainability. In so doing, Strategic Business Planning becomes a “living document” that guides ongoing decision-making

What do you get with a Blue Garnet Strategic Business Plan?


  • Organizational clarity
  • Shared leadership
  • Healthy economics
  • Accountability for results
  • Stakeholder engagement

Tangible deliverables:

  • Impact Formula: One sentence Impact statement, 3-4 strategic priorities and 10-12 performance metrics
  • Organizational Discovery: Review of current performance & areas for improvement; and readiness, willingness and ability for change
  • Financial pro-forma model: Robust tool, based on scenarios and trade-offs analysis, to calculate current and future resources requirements
  • Performance dashboard: Metrics to measure success (including baseline & targets), aligned to impact
  • Implementation roadmap: multi-year timeline, including key activities and owners, to execute plan

Combined to create:

Strategic Business Plan (written plan; selling/pitch document)

For more on this topic, read "The Strategic Plan is Dead. Long Live Strategy." by Monitor Institute in Stanford Social Innovation Review and "The ED's Role and Attitude in Strategic Planning" by Jeanne Bell on Blue Avocado.