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From founder’s vision to alignment for impact

TreePeople works with Angelenos to transform their own neighborhoods into sustainable ecosystems that function like a healthy forest.

The Need

Facing an imperative to address sustainability in our local environment, TreePeople wanted a strategic plan to move its founder’s vision forward. In service of this goal, TreePeople identified a need to:

  • Articulate a collective vision for the future

  • Ensure that strategy, priorities, and resources all align toward accomplishing this vision

  • Engage a broad range of internal stakeholders, from Board members to program staff

The Support

In a process which engaged all of its internal stakeholders—from Board members to program staff—Blue Garnet helped TreePeople to:

  • Articulate a specific, measurable definition of success

  • Define organizational strategies to deliver this vision for impact and growth

  • Grounded the plan in realistic financial assumptions and sustainable projections, through the development of a pro forma financial model

  • Develop a performance dashboard to help set targets and track impact

  • Developed a case for support to help tell the impact story


The Impact

TreePeople has a proven, established history of success, but we’re currently facing a crisis and an imperative to rapidly change our environment for the future. Through this planning process, we have developed agreement over what TreePeople has to do, clarity on how to meet this challenge, and specific strategies tied to financial requirements. All this, so that we can do what we think is necessary to create a tipping point to drive transformational change in Greater LA.

Andy Lipkis


TreePeople gained clarity and ownership over its strategic direction while grounding the process in its real, everyday work. With a shared vision and organizational buy-in, TreePeople had the plan, the tools, and the means to move forward. The process built organizational confidence for taking on its audacious goal, thus creating a lasting cultural shift within the organization around achieving impact.

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