Our Core Services

Blue Garnet's worldview centers on what it takes to build high performing organizations. Our services focus on helping your organization be exceptional.

What we offer you

  • Strategy: Intermittent engagements to transform your organization along four facets of performance
  • Performance: Targeted support to help maximize performance and "make it stick"
  • Results: Occasional engagement to know with confidence that vision became reality

What we call the "project"

  • Strategic business planning (click to learn more about how Blue Garnet does planning differently)
  • Strategic direction and Impact Formula (aka Theory of Change)
  • Market analysis including benchmarking and needs assessment
  • Organizational performance assessment
  • Financial strategy and scenarios
  • Impact assessment including cost-benefit, SROI
  • Evaluation framework
  • Grantee capacity building
  • Performance dashboards
  • Mid-point check-ins and coaching
  • Strategic partnerships: includes collective action and mergers

One last thing...

We never forget that engaging the right people is critical to an effective process -- who must be involved and how to include them in informing content, developing buy-in and building the team.

Find out how we can help you be exceptional today.