Who We Are

Our team is everything.  As a professional service firm, talent is our number one asset. Blue Garnet’s team is comprised of hard-hitting, yet compassionate business professionals who value the triple bottom line. Our partners, Way-Ting and Jennifer, provide the leadership development to mentor and refine the raw talent into a powerhouse consulting team for our clients.  As a firm, our team is built carefully to ensure that we grow “well” – building our culture while we invest in team members so we can guarantee quality counsel to our clients. We are a women- and minority-owned business.

We consider ourselves "pragmatic idealists," and we fundamentally believe that if we ground our aspirations in reality, we can change the world. We work with our clients to help achieve lasting social change. It can be through defining a vision for impact and growth plan, creating a capacity building initiativefacilitating leadership development, or something new and completely unique--what matters is that our clients want to go from good to truly great. You can learn more about us by following the Social Impact Geek blog and checking out some of our favorite resources.

Founding Story

at Swarthmore College, co-founders Jennifer Li Shen and Way-Ting Chen shared a dream of applying their training in business management to spur social change. Individually, they gained experience working for top-tier business management consulting firms, Boston Consulting Group and Booz & Company, respectively. In 2002, they joined forces to start Blue Garnet, an expression of their original dream.

Named after the rarest of garnet stones, symbolizing honesty, loyalty and true friendship, Blue Garnet works to bring out the exceptional in clients.

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