Giselle Timmerman

Senior Consultant and Coach

Giselle Timmerman has been a Blue Garnet team member for over eight years, partnering with many clients on strategic business planning, organizational assessment, social enterprise development, financial sustainability, marketing, and leadership and team development. She feels most in her element when posing challenging questions that invite candor and ah-ha moments critical to effective organizational change. In her current role as an Affiliate, Giselle supports client work in targeted capacities, largely focusing on strategic social innovation, change management, and leadership coaching. She wears another hat as Advisor for the firm's Shared Leadership practice, which allows her to geek out on organizational behavior research and develop insights that apply to leadership within the social sector.

In particular, Giselle's expertise and experience lies at the intersection of strategy, management and organizations, and psychology. She has had the opportunity to work and learn directly from some of the world's leading business strategists, game-changing nonprofit mavericks, and resourceful micro-entrepreneurs at the bottom of the pyramid. Based on this work, she has honed her skills for understanding how clients can unleash exceptional performance and focus on what matters most to achieve lasting success and impact. 

She fuels her appetite for learning and entrepreneurship by serving as the Community Impact Chairperson for the Barcelona Women's Network, creating an online marketplace to globally connect positive psychology practitioners, and writing academic articles on how organizations thrive by focusing on the positive bottom line. Driven by her curiosity for new cultures and extreme adaptability, Giselle is currently based out of Barcelona, Spain, but frequents Southern California regularly -- always with Spanish delicacies in tow. Giselle holds a Master's degree in Applied Positive Psychology with a concentration in Organizational Leadership from the University of Pennsylvania, and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor's in Sociology and Psychology with honors from New York University.