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How to Be Exceptional in 4 Easy Steps

You work hard to create social change in your communities, for those most in need and those who have fallen through traditional safety nets in our society. But at some point, you need more than the passion and commitment that drive your work.

Challenges emerge. You plateau. It happens to all of us.

So what does it take to achieve great impact over good enough?

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“It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s… a Charter School Leader!” (Yet, even heroes need a plan)

The CCSA Annual Conference is upon us! CNCA's Ana Ponce and Atyani Howard will be highlighting the success from their recent Strategic Business Planning with Blue Garnet, and offer practical takeaways to help organizations traverse the same critical issues. But who cares about Strategic Business Planning anyways? Well, according to this post, everyone should...

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An Eye for the Exceptional

Blue Garnet is 3 for 3! If this were Major league baseball we’d be batting a thousand, earning millions and millions of dollars, and Angelinos would have a team to get behind this season (sorry Dodger fans, this year is really less than stellar…).

Unfortunately for our bank accounts, I’m not talking about baseball, but an equally honorable past time – The Los Angeles Business Journal Nonprofit and Corporate Citizenship Awards. For the last three years, the organizations that we have nominated for awards have won and we couldn’t be prouder of them.

A quick history...

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A Cotillion for Social Enterprises…What???

What do social enterprises in Los Angeles have in common with Southern debutantes?... Well, they’ve both reached a “coming of age” – except social enterprises did it without the white gowns, satin gloves, and big hair. If you missed the social enterprise “cotillion” (in the form of REDF’s Social Enterprise Expo on May 9th), you missed out. Lucky for you – I’ll tell you about it – because it’s a pretty big deal and...

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Candid Reflections from the CNM 501(c)onference

“Fail fast and often. When is the last time we’ve failed? And what came of it?” These are the provocative words of Aaron Hurst, Taproot Foundation, who kicked off the Center for Nonprofit Management’s 501(c)onference last Friday. Blue Garnet was fortunate to be a part of this annual gathering of 300 leaders who are working to imagine, design and build our sector into a new era, focused on creating a lasting impact in Southern California and in our world. We were present as volunteers, attendees and speakers, with Jenni partnering...

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120 Socially Conscious Women Walk Into a Room…

Hockey, maple syrup, and free health care, eh? That’s right…Way-Ting and I traveled to the exotic, far-off land of Canada for Social Venture Institute’s Women’s Conference. In all seriousness, our time spent getting to know and learn from 120 women social entrepreneurs, both non-and for profit, in Vancouver was truly a gift.

It was a rare pleasure...

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Blue Garnet Partners with SCG for 2012 Annual Conference

This November, Southern California Grantmaker’s Annual Conference brought together nearly 200 philanthropic leaders from across the region to challenge their current thinking, connect people and ideas, and lead forward in a collaborative way. The conference was our first opportunity to work together with SCG, and we partnered to implement a series of “Ignite” presentations...

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Be Exceptional: Celebrating 10 Years with a Strategy Lab

This year marked a milestone in Blue Garnet’s history: turning TEN. Over the past decade, we have been fortunate to work on over 120 client projects, bringing together 25 team members during this time. Way-Ting and I began this work at an important inflection point in our lives, and as our friendship and our families have grown, so too has the firm and the team we have here at Blue Garnet.

We knew...

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