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Crawl, walk, run or fly your way to social media impact measurement

It’s time to continue our 2-part blog series on the winners of the Terry McAdam Book Award. This post will be reviewing Measuring the Networked Nonprofit by Beth Kanter and Katie Delahayne Paine. 3-word synopsis: Practical. How-to. Encouraging.

Before going any farther...

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Depressing. Maddening. Motivating. Good or bad, With Charity for All will get your blood boiling

Every year there are more books and articles about the nonprofit sector than any one person can read. So how to decide which book wins your precious time? Let us provide some food for thought. This post starts a 2-post series where we review the winner and a finalist for the Terry McAdam Book Award.

Blue Garnet (really Jenni) is honored to be on the Terry McAdam Book Award committee, especially...

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